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in a means that seems rather grounded on the Earth, rather than focusing on a perceivable interstellar wasteland (or lack thereof)


(we exist on) THE FILTH IN OUR STARS' uses the medium of glitch art, combining it with datamoshed audio-visual images (videos and the like), and broadcasting it (either via projection or on a display) in an endless loop in order to explain that there is indeed filth in our stars, but to challenge that the pristine nature of the cosmos is in fact stained because of what we do to our own planet Earth.

This piece was exhibited in THE FILTH IN OUR STARS, an independent art show exploring the relationship between outer space, gutter trash, and you!

THE FILTH IN OUR STARS occurred on December 4, 2015 in Burlington, VT.

You can download a digizine containing content from THE FILTH IN OUR STARS, including my work!

There's also extra content (photos from the show), so get at that!