death by flower arrangement is a 2D top-down shooter where you frolic among the flowers as a florist named Flanigan, keeping them at bay with your AK-47, and scattering their petals on the grassy floor in an arrangement of vibrant color.

The game was created for the Pippin Barr GAME IDEA Game Jam, which took place between October 7th and October 16th, 2016.

This project was built in Construct 2, with assets created in Pyxel Edit.

The version 1.1 update was developed between January and April of 2017, with numerous gameplay and quality-of-life improvements being made to the game, including new mechanics, better explanation of game controls, and addition of new background music tracks.

The new update was released on April 18, 2017 on and Game Jolt, alongside desktop versions for PC/Mac/Linux. Furthermore, the game was also released on on May 11, 2017 and on the Scirra Arcade website on October 5th, 2017.

Available for play on, Game Jolt,
Newgrounds, and the Scirra Arcade!

Experience it in your browser, or as a standalone desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux.