Journey through multiple mazes in marble form as quickly as possible!

Marble Incline Redux is a revamped version of the original Marble Incline, which was created in 2014. Much like the original, it was created for a special game jam known as LOWREZJAM.

This version was created in Construct 2 with assets made in PyxelEdit, in comparison to the original, which was created in Stencyl with assets made in MS Paint.

In comparison to the original (which was developed over the course of a month), Redux was made within 24 hours of the jam's deadline. I re-created and built new assets, tested the engine, built levels, programmed behaviors, and did debug work all within that timeframe, and managed to get the game in on the deadline (albeit with some issues that were fixed in subsequent versions).

The drive to create Redux stemmed from a need to enter 2016's LOWREZJAM (because of the roads paved by the 2014 iteration), a need to see how far my skills have come, and also as means to gauge where I would need to improve.

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